Risk disclosure
1. The Client makes aware and guarantees that he/she has carefully considered a part of his/her asset (Owned Capital) as the Risk Capital. The Client acknowledges that the Risk Capital is an amount of money that he/she wants to dispose at risk and the loss of this amount will not much affect his/her prosperity

2. The Client must be aware that the risk of loss in trading foreign exchange and CFD can be rather substantial. Therefore, the Client needs to analyze their financial potential with regard to transactions very carefully

3. When Client opens account, he/she selects currency of deposit on his/her own (from those offered by Company). In this currency all trading and non-trading operations on account are nominated settled and that includes floating profit and loss, commission payments, marginal requirements. Client accepts and acknowledges all risks arising in the result of change of currency of deposit and is fully responsible for such consequences.

4. The Client is subject to loss of all his initial equity and any additional equity deposited to support and maintain positions in the market. Besides, market conditions can result in loss on positions that will exceed remains of the money funds on a trading account of Client.

5. Placing of such limit orders as Stop-Loss will not necessarily limit your losses to the intended amounts, as it may be impossible to execute such orders under certain market conditions

6. A high level of fluctuations often observed in the foresaid trading with regard to not high margin requirements can work for you as well as against you. Using fluctuations may result in both great loss and great profit. The Client shall hold full responsibility for all risks, financial resources used and the chosen trading strategy.

7. When executing trading operations through the client terminal, the Client shall assume the risk of financial loss, which can be caused by

  1. the failure of Client hardware, software and internet connection;
  2. the improper operation of Client equipment;
  3. the wrong settings in the client terminal;
  4. delayed client terminal updates;
  5. the Client's ignorance of the applicable rules described in the MetaTrader User Guide.

8.Any other request or instruction submitted by the Client can be declined.

The Client shall acknowledge that only one request or instruction is in the queue of instructions/orders.

9. The Client shall acknowledge that the only reliable source of quoting information is the server for Clients with live accounts. The quote base in the client terminal shall not be considered a reliable source of quoting information, as in the case of high market volatility or bad connection between the client terminal and the server, some of the quotes simply may not reach the client terminal

10. The Client shall acknowledge that when the Client closes the window to place/modify/delete an order, as well as the window to open/close a position, the instruction or request which has been sent to the server will not be cancelled.

11. The Client knows and agrees that upon Stop Out (situation, when Margin Level is equal or bellow Stop-out value determined in Trading Conditions section on the website of the Company) open positions' liquidation is implemented automatically and does not depend on the actions of the Company. Any intervention on the part of the Company is unacceptable

12. The Client knows and agrees that trade server checks if there's sufficient Free Margin level on the trading account during the request of the Client for opening new position, however, it does not consider upcoming expenses for spread and commission for maintaining the current position. Due to high leverage the Client may open position of such a volume that actual expenses for spread and commission will lead to insufficient funds on trading account and forced closing of positions (situation, when Margin Level is equal or bellow Stop-out value determined in Trading Conditions section on the website of the Company). In this case the Client shall be liable for losses arising from this situation because the Client determines volume of his/her new positions.

13. The Client is to make aware that the Company is not liable for the losses caused, directly or indirectly, by the restrictions imposed by the government, currency or market rules, interruption of trading in financial markets, military operations or any other conditions, usually specified as "force majeure" and which are beyond the Company's control

14. Transacting by means of electronic trading system may differ not only from transacting in the interbank market, but as well from transacting based on other trading systems. In case the Client transacts by means of electronic trading system he/she runs the risk regarding the electronic trading system, including any software problems.

15. The Client undertakes to keep the passwords secret and make sure that no third persons receive the access to the Personal Area and trading accounts. The Client is bound with obligations on trade in relation to the Company on trades conducted with Client's password usage, even if the latter is used by a third person.

16. In case any quote failure arises the Company is entitled to make any amendments necessary and regulate any disputable questions at the moment of the failure arising.

17. The Company is not liable for payments processing time, any delay, failure or disconnection in work of banks and/or payment systems used by the Client, resulting from the fault of third parties. The Company shall not reimburse for any direct or indirect loss and moral damage regarding any consequences of such delays, failures and/or disconnections.

18. Client agrees that the Company shall not be liable for his inability to authorize in the Client Area or trading account.

19. The present brief risks notification does not cover all the risks arising from implementing of trading transactions on financial markets.
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