29.08.2023 | Changes to Trading Schedule on September 4, 2023
The upcoming September 4, 2023, marks Labor Day in the United States. This national holiday entails certain alterations to the trading landscape, warranting attention from investors across the globe. The adjustments will be applicable based on the EET server time and are as follows:

September 4, 2023:

Forex and Crypto – normal trading hours
Metals, WTI, NGAS – closes at 21:30
DAX40, FTSE100 – closes at 23:00
DowJones30, Nikkei225, Nasdaq100, S&P500 – closes at 20:00
Brent – closes at 20:30
CFD Shares and ETF (US) – closed

Market observers should be cognizant of the potential for further schedule adjustments, although the core modifications have been outlined. These changes are aimed at facilitating well-informed trading decisions for the approaching Monday.

Stay tuned to our financial updates for the latest news and insights that impact your trading strategies. Your prudent planning in light of these adjustments is paramount for a successful trading experience.