21.12.2023 | Top 10 deals of the year in OnFin. What was most profitable in 2023?
This year brought many opportunities to make money on financial, stock and commodity markets - and our clients took advantage of them with great success!

We have gathered the top 10 most profitable trades of the year: let's see which instruments and when brought the most profit to traders at OnFin.

+$224,069 Buying gold, XAUUSD, January 20, 2023;
+$119,974 Selling gold, XAUUSD, February 16, 2023;
+$110,211 Selling gold, XAUUSD, February 27, 2023;
+$40,071 Buying gold, XAUUSD, February 2, 2023;
+$28,248 Selling the Nasdaq100 U.S. index on September 11, 2023;
+$24,185 Buying the dollar against the Japanese yen, USDJPY, October 11, 2023;
+$21,930 Selling the euro against the dollar, EURUSD, February 17, 2023;
+$20,600 Buying gold, XAUUSD, August 9, 2023;
+$20,580 Selling the Nasdaq100 index, February 17, 2023.

Gold brought particularly large profits this year - we can say it was a golden year for trading. We hope that the next one will be even better!

But this year is not over yet - what if you manage to overtake all records and top the rating of profitable trades?